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COVID-19 and Caregiving Resources

The following are non-exhaustive resources about COVID-19 and caregiving that may benefit you or someone you know. These resources are not meant as a substitute for emergency or medical care. For any emergency, dial 911 immediately.

Please note, this page includes resources that link to online content that was not created by the University of Michigan or Michigan Medicine and for which the University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine do not assume responsibility. These resources do not replace medical advice from your health care provider. Talk to your health care provider if you have any questions about your condition or your treatment plan.

Always call 911 if you or someone you know is in immediate danger or experiencing an emergency. For other immediate help:

  • Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) in English, 1-888-628-9454 en Español, or 1-800-799-4889 (via TTY) for those experiencing hearing trouble or loss. Trained professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are confidential and free.
  • Contact the Crisis Text Hotline by texting “HOME” to 741741. Trained professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • For adult Michigan Medicine patients, contact U-M Psychiatric Emergency Services by calling (734) 936-5900. Trained professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Michigan Medicine Resources

Free Guides on COVID-19 Caregiving

We’ve put together 9 free guides to help you care for someone in the hospital with COVID-19. They’re based on the experiences and wisdom of people participating in the U-M HEART Study. These workbooks have valuable tips, links and more, as well as space to write down important information. You can print them out or refer to them online.


Michigan Medicine Psychiatry Resources for COVID-19

This information has been developed by Michigan Medicine faculty members with extensive expertise in many of the issues affecting you and your families during this critical “stay at home” period. Faculty members are working hard to provide up-to-date and practical links to helpful resources.


“14 Things to Do If Someone You Live With Has COVID-19” by Kara Gavin

This article provides tips for helping a family member or roommate cope with coronavirus effects, while protecting yourself and others.


“How to Have a Safe Holiday Season During the COVID-19 Pandemic” by Kelly Malcom

This article provides advice from experts on how to celebrate during the holiday season without putting yourself, and your loved ones, at risk.


State of Michigan Resources

State of Michigan Coronavirus Web Page

Provides answers to frequently asked questions and up-to-date information about COVID-19.


State of Michigan Coronavirus Hotline and Contact Information

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has set up a hotline to answer questions regarding COVID-19 illness, Executive Orders, or related issues.

Call: 1-888-535-6136 (available daily from 8am to 5pm)

Email: [email protected]

Michigan 2-1-1

“Michigan 2-1-1 is an easy way to connect with help of all kinds, right in your community. Need help with food, housing, or paying bills? Need support in a family crisis or community disaster? We’re here for you. Any time. All the time. Just call, text, or search online and we’ll get you connected.”

Call: 2-1-1 or 1-844-875-9211

Text: Your zip code to 898211


Nationwide Resources

Post-COVID Care Centers (Survivor Corps)

Survivor Corps provides a directory of post-COVID care centers across the United States. Click on your state to find the care center closest to you.


Mental Health Warmlines (Mental Health America)

Mental Health America provides a comprehensive list of mental health warmlines by state. You can call a warmline for support when you just need to talk to someone. Speaking to someone on these calls are typically free, confidential, and run by people who understand what it’s like to struggle with mental health problems.


COVID-19 Resources for Older Adults, Family Caregivers and Health Care Providers (John A. Hartford Foundation)

The John A. Hartford Foundation provides COVID-19 resources with information for older adults, family caregivers and health care providers.


Online Support Groups

Apps for Connecting Online provides a list of apps for seniors that can help with home care, communication, food delivery, and health monitoring.


Survivor Corps

Survivor Corps is a not for profit, grassroots movement educating and mobilizing COVID-19 survivors and connecting them with the medical, scientific and academic research community, to help stem the tide of this pandemic and assist in the national recovery.

Visit: or

Body Politic COVID-19 Support Group

The Body Politic COVID-19 Support Group consists of people from all over the world who have tested positive, are experiencing symptoms, or are recovering from COVID-19. The group uses the platform Slack to connect their large membership and allow for small discussion channels based on community or topic.


COVID-19 Recovery Awareness

COVID-19 Recovery Awareness is a resource for those looking for support during their extended “mild” or “moderate” Covid-19 case recovery. Their collection of featured articles and research projects offer support and education opportunities for patients to be able to advocate for themselves, especially as people experience unexpectedly long recoveries.


Covid-19 Recovered – Survivors

A website and international and private Facebook group founded for people to connect around COVID-19, specifically for sharing stories and useful information.

Visit: or


Large numbers of people report suffering from prolonged, debilitating and sometimes serious symptoms following infection with suspected or confirmed Covid-19. The Long COVID website, along with a private Facebook group, are available for information and support regarding the lived experiences of those dealing with an illness that does not match the typical COVID experience.

Visit: or

COVID-19 Recovery Collective

The COVID-19 Recovery Collective is a UK based website dedicated to helping others on their recovery journey by sharing stories and resources. You can read stories about other survivors’ recovery experiences, as well as explore many other resources that they have compiled.


Social Media Support Groups

Covid-19 Support Group

This private Facebook group provides a place for people to share their stories related to COVID-19.


Covid-19 Survivors

The goal of this private Facebook group is to create a space where people who are living through the diagnosis of COVID-19, have friends and family that are living through it, or people who want first hand knowledge of what it is like, can get together.


Covid-19 Support Group (have it/had it)

This private Facebook group is a space for people who have had COVID-19, or have it currently. The purpose of this group is to gain and share information about the experience with COVID-19 to be of service to others.


COVID19positive Subreddit

A large (80,000+ member), moderated online support group for people who test positive for COVID-19. This is a “subreddit,” which is a special-topic community hosted on Reddit is a social news aggregator. COVID19positive describes itself as “A place for people who came back positive for COVID19 can share your stories, experiences, answer questions and vent!”


COVID19_Testimonials Subreddit

This subreddit group is a community for patients who have survived COVID-19 to share their experiences, symptoms and practices. According to COVID19_Testimonials the goal of the group is “to provide an open an honest forum of truthful and accurate testimonials that will help the general population prepare for COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus).”


CoronavirusSurvivors Subreddit

CoronavirusSurvivors is another subreddit group for survivors of Coronavirus. The group is an outlet for survivors to share their experience, their road to recovery and their journey back to full health.