Here is the CMT Uptime check phrase

Through the HEART Care & Recovery Project, we’ve interviewed COVID-19 patients and their caregivers. We’ve asked them what they would want to share with others new to this experience. See their messages of hope below:

“Pick something to look forward to; something that doing will get you excited… Not something that makes you feel sad about not doing it now, rather, look FORWARD to doing it.”

“… Stay positive mentally, and [believe] you’re going to be fine!”


“Stay positive, rest, and seek medical help if you have bad symptoms… Persist and stay strong…”

“Hang in there and pray. You are not alone.”

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”


“One day at a time. Every day it gets a little bit better. Still wash your hands often, wear a mask, and social distance yourself from others. Learn and adjust yourself to [a] new way of living.”