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HEART COVID-19 Care & Recovery Stories

We’re a team of doctors and researchers who want to understand how people are healing at home after being hospitalized for a COVID-19 related condition, and how people are caring for them. We want to know what kind of support you needed from your friends, family, and the medical community. That’s what HEART means: Health Enhanced by Adjusting and Recovering Together.

If you identify as one of the following, share your COVID-19 care or recovery story today. To participate, select “Share Your Story” below or navigate to the “Share Your Story” page.

  • Adults who were hospitalized with COVID-19 and went home to recover, or
  • Adults who were or are caring for someone who was hospitalized with COVID-19

From our team at the University of Michigan, thank you. Your participation will help us develop ways to support you during this rapidly changing time.

Your narrative helps doctors and researchers
support safe recovery from home.

Contact our research team:

[email protected]

(734) 763-0255